Imagine taking that
significant step forward

Helping you secure step change through
new acquisitions, restructure or sale

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Buying Another Business

Accelerate your growth with the smartest next move.  Get there faster.  Avoid common traps.

Whether you are a private investor or an ambitious business owner, we can support you all the way.

Particularly if you're embarking on M&A for the first time, let's start with an impartial initial discussion. 

We can help with:

  • Clarifying the definition of your ideal target.
  • Financing the acquisition, deal structure.
  • On market analysis of opportunities and evaluation.
  • Off market - discreet, confidential search and network building
  • Financial profiling and assessment of targets
  • Support with vendor introductions, negotiations and bid submissions
  • Due diligence, independently or alongside your accountants
  • Guidance through the legal process, securing warranties, indemnities and covenants to protect your investment
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Bespoke Consultancy

When you have that special project.

Not all issues involve buying or selling.  It could be a restructure, a fund raise, a development project or an internal challenge or crisis.

Whatever your circumstances, we can usually tailor our service to your needs.  We can bring in other professional services firms if specialisms are required and have a wide network of associates, so we can usually help.

Examples include:

  • Business valuations

  • Fund raising, debt or equity

  • Business restructuring

  • Divestment of subsidiaries, divisions or business units

  • Shareholder rearrangements

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Selling Your Business

Our services deliver swift, practical results.

  • Free impartial initial discussion
  • Valuation report
  • Sale preparation guidance. Don't market your business until you've done these things.
  • Robust financial reporting and forecasting. This is the number one aspect most buyers will focus on, yet is often left lacking.
  • Information memorandum - a compelling showcase of your business
  • Marketing of your business. We use our associates to present your business to selected trade and financial investor buyers. We act confidentially throughout and there is no need for competitors or staff to know a thing.
  • Reviewing bids, liaising with buyers and their advisers
  • Helping you negotiate the best deal for you
  • Managing the lawyers and accountants through due diligence and SPA/APA
  • Finalising the deal to successful completion. Last minute hurdles are inevitable, but we will help you through.
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Summary of our Selling Process




Let's work out where you are, what you have, and what your options are.

Employ 5 simple steps that will boost the value of your business




We'll showcase your business via multiple off-market routes. Acting discreetly and professionally, your business will be presented to the right UK and overseas buyers




Bidder profiling and assessment
Offer evaluation
Negotiation, due diligence support
Legals liaison
Completion, champagne and medals!

Reasons our Clients Choose Us

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The best deal for you

We can create a competitive market for your business. A simple rule of supply and demand which means you get the best possible deal. This is often overlooked.

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Ensure your deal protects you

Our experience in buying and selling businesses means we know all the tricks in the book. We can ensure your deal is commercially sound, professionally constructed and as de-risked as possible for you.

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Avoid the dreaded burn-out problem

This is a moment in every deal where a party has taken on too much.

When selling, for example, an owner gets so involved in the sale process that their business suffers. They take their eye off the ball and performance goes south - along with their valuation.

We ensure that you stay in control of the process whilst retaining the capacity to maintain your core business.

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Our real world experience

We have started, grown and successfully sold a business and bought several more in a corporate or private equity setting. We know what it's taken for you to reach this point and what you're now trying to achieve.
When dealing with emotive, often life-changing transactions, it's good to know you're working with someone who has walked the walk.

"This is a one-off, highly emotional and personal event. Having an advisor who speaks your language and understands your position is a real success factor."