Growing through acquisition?
Planning your business sale?

Personal support and guidance for SME
business owners

Welcome to New Path Advisory

We offer support and guidance to SME business owners when navigating M&A, perhaps for the first time.

If you are thinking of growing through acquisition, or looking to sell your business, we can help.

Our service is practical, personal and professional.

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What We Do

Assisting and guiding you to success.

We assist clients who are looking to grow through acquisition.
We can identify and confidentially approach acquisition targets, investors or lenders.

Maybe you've absorbed the books and articles, and are now ready to press on, but want some real world practical support. We can help.

In addition, we support business owners who are looking to change direction or sell their businesses. We will help you prepare carefully, promote your business with impact and reach success swiftly.

Finally, we also represent investors ourselves. If the opportunity fits our investment profile we may be able to acquire your business directly - quickly and discreetly. It could be the quickest sale you'll ever achieve.​

We work with businesses in most sectors. In terms of size we specialise in the £200k - £5m sales revenue bracket.

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Who We Are

Straightforward, practical professionals.

New Path is run by finance professionals who are passionate about small business. We are current business owners ourselves. And we've started and run, bought and sold, companies multiple times. We understand the challenges you face.​

Our approach is personal - you will deal directly with our principals. We do not try to replicate the high volume firms with teams of sales people.

Andrew Hill, FCA
Principal and Director

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Why We Started

M&A for SMEs can be challenging.

Many small business owners reach a point where they know there needs to be a step change. Not another sales initiative or reshuffling of roles, but a fundamental shift in strategy.

Achieving this is exciting and powerful, but can be bewildering for a small business. Common questions are:

  • What is the process?
  • How will I manage the extra workload?
  • What about my staff or competitors finding out?
  • Won't there be massive professional fees?
  • If there is debt involved, won't I be personally exposed?

All this is fine if you are a multi-national, but there is little M&A support for small businesses out there. A major transaction involving your own business is understandably personal and emotive.

That's why New Path was founded; to support and guide SME business owners through this journey. But also, where necessary, to take on that extra workload; to execute the tasks required as they arise, acting as an extension of your team.

"Andrew is an excellent professional with strong financial skills and he's very attentive to detail. What we really liked was his passion for excellence and his entrepreneurial skill-set"

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Paul Nearchou

Private Equity Director

"I sold my business to a larger group. Andrew was always on hand to smooth matters and seek out collaboration and compromise. He focused us on the final outcome and sought to treat everyone fairly. The completed deal has been brilliant for everyone."

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Jon Goodrick

Corporate Sports Company

"I worked with Andrew on multiple acquisitions in the sector. He has expertise across all aspects of the deal - from financials and deal structures, to legals and integration. A great partner to have on your side"


Sheena Beckwith

CFO, Clyde Munro Acquisitive Dental Group